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Safety Evaluations "Safe Operations" Services Contact Us
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A comprehensive evaluation of your safety program can pay dividends. Many times it is that second set of eyes or observations from a third party who has benchmarked successful companies.

Rife Risk Analysis & Solutions, LLC has worked with numerous major corporations and represented them at safety organizations such as the Rubber Manufacturers Association, Organizational Resource Counselors and the American Society of Safety Engineers.

An overview of our evaluation process can be customized to your needs follows:

Safety Evaluations

Our assessment starts with the facility gathering specific safety related information so that the evaluation can proceed efficiently once the auditor is on site.

An opening conference with the leadership team will set goals and a tentative schedule. An initial facility tour will allow the auditor to get a better understanding of operations. It will be followed later during the audit by a comprehensive inspection.

Our process includes evaluating written programs, training effectiveness and employee involvement that starts with leadership.

After the assessment is complete, a closing conference will be held before a written report is issued
It is important that the facility and evaluator understand the observations made during the assessment so a closing conference is held to insure that all issues are on the table before the auditor leaves. Having a report issued with information that was not discussed will not assist the organization in          
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